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Glideball is an innovative portable driving tool for golfers of all skill levels.

Improve your swing while you save time and money with your own personal driving range.

Easily set up in your backyard or at the beach, this ball return mechanism allows you limitless swings without having to bend over and set up the ball...time and time again.

Call Travis at 770.0323 to arrange for a personal demonstration on how you can use this tool to lower your score! Read even more about the ingenious training aid at www.glideball.com.

The Glideball is easy to carry and transport to your backyard or other location.
After setting up the mechanism, place the ball on the standing plate and take shot after shot, perfecting your swing.
Each time, the ball is caught by the V-shaped area and returned to it's original position, without the player having to bend over or chase the ball.
Get the most out of the time you have to improve your swing. Hit after hit, the ball returns and lets you perfect your rhythm and tempo with efficiency and ease.